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Automation accelerators

Accelerate your automation efforts with these easy-to-use tools. Our Automation Accelerators cut months of manual-effort times, with significant cost savings. Request a trial or download now to use the same tools our team of expert developers work with every day.

  • Instantly create automation components to best practice standards.

  • RoboReview for UiPath
  • RoboReview for Blue Prism
  • Instantly create automation components to best practice standards.

  • RoboDesigner for UiPath
  • RoboDesigner for Blue Prism

Automation Life-cycle Management

A single source of truth to identify, prioritize, deliver and realize benefits from automation, for any RPA tool.

Automation Connectors

Our goal is simple: to save you time. Access to the automation components you need right here, right now. Download as many assets as you’d like; most of them are free!

  • Connector for Certificate Workflow on Venafi Trust Protection Portal

    As organizations use more machine identities, security teams must accelerate and use resources efficiently. This solution developed by Reveal Group provides users the ability to reduce their time spent on repetitive tasks and automate their certificate workflows on the Venafi Platform.

  • Venafi connector for UiPath
  • Venafi connector for Blue Prism
  • 2-Factor Authentication

    Generate authentication code for 2-factor authenticator by providers such as Google and Microsoft. Multi-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to any online platform that users can access. However, automation of Multi-Factor authentication is challenging in Robotic Process Automation due to the usage of mobile devices that are disconnected from the Blue Prism environment. If you are preparing to automate a process involving Multi-Factor authentication based on a time-based token on a device, this tool can be useful.

  • 2-Factor Authentication for Blue Prism
  • Address Validation Google Geocoding

    Validate, compare, and standardise your mailing addresses. This object introduces a simple method for comparing addresses. This is achieved by running addresses through the Google Geocoding API via a HTTP REST request. This API will respond with information via JSON which is then searched in Blue Prism to determine if the input is a valid address, a partial or full match as a valid address, and output this address from the object in a standardised addressing format.

  • Address Validation Google Geocoding for Blue Prism

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