Robotic Process Automation

Repetitive, manual processes drain your resources. They take too long. And they’re mistake magnets. But not if they’re automated. Turn repetition into opportunity with automation.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

For most businesses, RPA is the foundation of automation. It’s the core rules-based tool that mimics basic computer interactions, such as data entry. Automation often improves efficiency and reliability by controlling and monitoring the production and delivery of various goods and services, tasks which previously required manual labour.

Our RPA offering

We’re experienced across the full spectrum of RPA products. Orchestration, attended and unattended automations, AI integration and human-in-the-loop. And because of its relative ease and speed of implementation, RPA enables you to see (and achieve) cost savings fast.

Automation Heatmaps + Operational Diagnostics

Your first critical component to ensure a continuous pipeline of automation opportunities. Creating an Automation Heatmap quickly shines a light on potential high impact areas throughout your organization, directing downstream pipeline generation efforts appropriately. Our Operational Diagnostic approach allows all automation opportunities to be quickly identified, scoped, and prioritized.

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Program Healthchecks

Inherited a program, or shaping up to scale? Program Healthchecks are your team’s chance to take an honest look in the mirror. We assess your automation program against our Blueprint for Scale operating model in the space of a week. You’ll identify strengths to exploit and challenge areas to grow. The assessment provides scoring, benchmarking, key findings, and prioritized actions for each.

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Intelligent Process Automation Strategy

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is the application of Robotic Process Automation, NLP, OCR, Artificial Intelligence to automate processes. While RPA can be a great way to start the process automation journey, enterprises that want to achieve scale and benefits require a strategy that analyzes end-to-end processes and determines how they can best be optimized using a wide array of new automation technologies. We build strategies that fit your business needs.

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Design Authority + Quality Assurance

Instil best-practice methodologies to deliver flawless automations. We provide crucial assurance that the end-to-end solution is the right fit for your business. We provide project governance to ensure that it delivers transformational business changes, using industry standards and best practices. Then accelerate your best-practice automations with RoboSuite.

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Technologies we use

How can automation benefit you?

  1. Efficiency gains
  2. Reduction in errors
  3. Increased agility
  4. Better use of people power
  5. Increased employee engagement
  6. Improved customer satisfaction
  7. Standardization of processes
  8. Business continuity support

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