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Build seamless workflows to handle more complex processes

What are Workflows?

Use Intelligent Business Process Management System (iBPMS) to orchestrate your workflows. Our solutions utilize the same workflow logic as co-workers and can collaborate with customers by using dynamic interfaces and IVR. iBPMS combines business process management (BPM) with artificial intelligence (AI) to link people, machines, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure both support and intelligence for repeatable, organization-specific processes.

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How can Workflows benefit you?

iBMPS enables you to use business process automation to streamline a variety of tasks, ensuring that processes are followed for activities such as document review and approval, document management, HR onboarding, and management of employee requests.
By automating triggered communications—such as task alerts via email, payment reminders, and thank you letters—BPMS improves workflows throughout your business. BPMS can even be used to orchestrate email marketing campaigns, helping you deploy the right message or response at the right time.

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