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Tools for automation teams, from proof of concept to enterprise scale

Reveal Group provides the tools to help every automation team unleash its full potential.

RoboSuite offers everything you need to let automations flow seamlessly from ideation, through prioritization, delivery, and into production, enabling your automation experts to deliver higher quality outcomes, faster!


A single source of truth to identify, prioritize, deliver and realize benefits from automation, for any RPA tool.

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Instantly creates Blue Prism automation components to best practice standards, for you.

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A proactive self-service check of your Blue Prism code quality so you get continuous, real-time feedback.

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Reveal Group’s tools are free to try, easy to set up, and work seamlessly together.

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More ways to benefit with RoboSuite

Tell us about yourself and see how RoboSuite can unleash the potential of your
automation program. Whether it’s delivering more automated solutions, saving time
for your automation team or increasing your ROI.

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Getting started doesn’t mean emptying your pockets.
Get RoboManager, RoboDesigner and RoboReview for an even lower price.

More ways to benefit with RoboSuite

Using RoboManager to transform automation management at a leading financial institution.

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How RoboDesigner reduced automation delivery time from 10 weeks to 7 weeks at a national financial institution.

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A leading Telecom provider uses RoboReview to ease resourcing challenges and deliver best practice code reviews rapidly.

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