Intelligent Document Processing

Your data is a goldmine. Use it.

What is Intelligent Document Processing?

IDP makes any and all data accessible for business processing. Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) converts unstructured data into structured, usable information, providing end-to-end automation to document-centric business processes.

Our IDP offering

Your business handles tens of thousands of documents each year. But to extract useful information, your teams need to review each one manually. The process is inefficient, it takes too much time and fields can be misread or missed entirely. Our consultants use document understanding technology to design automations that extract and interpret data for you. Building on your RPA program, we’ll help you benefit from expanded automations across your business processes.

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Technologies we use

Integrations with leading providers allow our solutions to use Machine Learning (ML) enabled computer vision, engage in image perception and understand image data and documents. Reveal Group has strong partnerships and with all leading IDP providers.

How can Intelligent Document Processing benefit you?

  1. Increase the accuracy of your processing with intelligent document processing. The rate of error for human data processors is much higher than it is for IDP.
  2. Lower the cost of processing documents by automating some of your workflows. On average, manual document processing costs 6 to 8 dollars per document. The per-document cost of automated document processing is considerably lower than that.
  3. Increase employee productivity by offering them the opportunity to do more impactful work. Without the need to process mindlessly time-consuming documents, employees are free to direct their attention elsewhere.

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