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What is a Center of Excellence (CoE)?

A Center of Excellence is an internal, self-sustaining, and scalable team that goes beyond seeing automation as a tool and looks at the bigger picture. The CoE treats enterprise automation as an ongoing project requiring planning, testing, and regular evaluation. It enables organizations to scale automations at the enterprise level through the establishment of organization-wide standards processes and procedures, sharing best practices, driving common technology adoption, and creating a robust governance model. Our Centers of Excellence are not tied to any one type of automation software—in fact, anything you are using to automate processes should be under the umbrella of the CoE.

Our Center of Excellence offering

You’ve got the vision and strategy. And we’ll transform your operations to get you there.

  • Blueprint for Scale: Blueprint for Scale is the proven operating model we have used to implement Intelligent Automation at over 150 clients. It is our five-step blueprint for building a best practice automation program at scale. It is the reason we are the most certified Intelligent Automation service company and why our clients achieve and sustain the results they do.
  • Program Health Check: Program Health Checks are your team’s chance to take an honest look in the mirror. We will assess your automation program against the Blueprint for Scale attributes in three phases, typically completed within one week. At the end of your Program Health Check, you’ll identify strengths to exploit as well as challenge areas to grow. The assessment provides scoring, benchmarking, key findings, and prioritized actions for each. Reveal Group has worked with 170+ Intelligent Automation clients to build an industry leading benchmarking capability to showcase how you compare against peers.

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How can a Center of Excellence benefit you?

It is important to set yourself up for success early. Organizations attempting to operate a sub-optimal RPA platform inevitably risk frequent automation failures and incur significant costs to remediate their platform and processes, before eventually migrating to a more stable, scalable platform.

  1. Tailor it to you, because bespoke is better An automation implementation is more likely to provide the best value and return when it is tailored specifically to an organization’s needs, rather than being a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Having a dedicated team of experts is the best way to ensure your organization is using automation in the most effective manner.
  2. Efficient use of resources + reduced costs by eliminating inefficient practices and technologies A CoE takes input from stakeholders and departments, ranking tasks by their volume and time consumed. They can then identify and prioritize costly tasks that are performed frequently as they offer the largest ROI once automated.
  1. Consistency in how companies offer services and create products By providing a centralized location for knowledge sharing, solutions for common problems, and work aids to help you get started, it establishes trust in the technology and provides the knowledge base necessary to support the use of automation across the business.
  2. Provision of quality products and services to customers As automation technology evolves rapidly, the internal automation CoE will stay on top of new trends and capabilities, ensuring that your organization is aware of new features and enhancements as soon as they become available.
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