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why our Training Academy?

As the first, and only Blue Prism Authorised Training Partner in the Asia Pacific Region, Reveal Group’s Training Academy offers the highest quality, fast-tracked RPA training programs to trainees all around the world. Reveal Group’s proven expertise has enabled us to develop a breadth of training courses covering every aspect of capability required to implement and sustain Blue Prism including bespoke Foundation and Practitioner courses to take trainees from beginner to accredited Developer in a matter of weeks.

We have developed a breadth of solutions to suit any training needs —from classroom, to online modules — ready to equip your workforce with the knowledge and hands-on skills needed to accelerate your RPA projects.

We offer the same courses and skill developments that have made our RPA team the best in the business, enabling us to train others to build their own world-class digital workforce capabilities.

Who are the courses suitable for?

All courses have been designed to upskill and empower people from all industries who are ready to build their RPA capabilities. The training courses offer varying degrees of depth and exposure to RPA with a hands-on, instructor-led approach.

What are the pre-course validations?

Each course requires a different level of experience with Blue Prism software. To ensure organisations are building their strongest RPA team, our Academy Team assess potential trainees technical skills and suitability to successfully complete these intensive courses.

What do trainees graduate with?

Successful completion of each course arms trainees with the apposite official Course Certificate and, where applicable, Blue Prism Accreditation Certificate.

Training Academy offers development paths for RPA specific roles with every level of experience:

– Automation Manager

– Process Developer

– Process Controller

– Delivery Lead

– Test Analyst

– Quality Assurance

Ensuring that your team is ready to take on the full RPA Process Delivery Lifecycle

Whether you’re looking for an online introductory course or a complete Blue Prism Developer Accreditation, we have a vendor approved programme to build the skills you need. Reveal Group’s Training Academy offers three levels of training, with each successive level incorporating and expanding on the coursework of the lower level.

Accredited Developer Course

Designed to rapidly upskill trainees right through to being a production ready, Accredited Blue Prism Developer – all in 8 weeks.

Practitioner Training Course

An intensive two week, classroom-based course that expands on Foundation knowledge with hands-on experience in ‘best practices’ and real-life automations.

Foundation Training Course

One week introductory course to give an overview of the software and concepts – the perfect way to kick-start your Blue Prism journey.

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