A single source of truth to identify, prioritize, deliver and realize benefits from automation, for any RPA tool.

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End-to-end, real-time visibility of your RPA program

The best automation teams deliver quality automations, quickly!

Accelerate your team’s ability to automate at scale RoboManager empowers enterprises with built-in methodology, visibility and controls. Deliver quality automations with speed and agility.

Our Customer Success team provides Onboarding Services. Our tailored guidance, support, and training ensure you get the most from RoboManager.


Automate with ease

Whether you’re a seasoned automation expert, or just getting started, RoboManager unlocks the power and value of intelligent automation.

Plentiful Pipeline

Use RoboManager’s heat map feature to find where to look for the best automation opportunities. Keep track of pipeline health in real-time to meet program goals.

Accurate Estimations

Use our proven sizing technique to project the true cost of automating. Understand the processes that yield the biggest benefits.

Value-Driven Prioritization

Sequence processes in your delivery pipeline with easy filtering and sorting. Ensure processes that deliver the most value are always at the top.

Transparent Delivery

Whether your delivery team is in the same room or across the globe, RoboManager brings transparency to their work and keeps everyone on the same page.

Actionable Results

Extensive reporting gives leaders critical insights into the health of your entire automation program. Benefit realization is more data-driven and actionable than ever.

Scalable Features

Add and amend users, reports and features as your team evolves. RoboManager is an automation lifecycle tool designed for teams of every shape and size.


Simple plans hosted in the cloud.
Priced to scale.

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Automation teams of all shapes and sizes love RoboManager

RoboManager is a one-stop-shop for our people, process data and documentation that contribute to delivering quality automations. It provides everyone with a common approach and is a single source of truth for our automation program.

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Leading Financial Services Company

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