The highest quality automations begin with RoboDesigner

RoboDesigner reduces configuration time and effort by instantly creating automation
components to best practice standards, for you. Created for Blue Prism users.

Create automation components, automatically

Upload your design documents and let RoboDesigner generate your new objects from scratch.

Save time and dollars

RoboDesigner speeds up delivery while reducing effort by ~30%. By applying best practices it eliminates rework dramatically reduces support costs.

Seamless Blue Prism best practice

We use the latest best practice component templates so you can rest easy knowing your configuration will be consistently built, first time, every time.

RoboDesigner has been built by Reveal Group using the experience, best practices and quality standards developed by delivering thousands of automated solutions to companies worldwide as Platinum partners of Blue Prism.

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Start your delivery right, every time

To build high quality solutions, RoboDesigner sets you up for success by ‘automagically’ creating your automation objects



Building objects is time-consuming and repetitive — so we automated it! RoboDesigner builds your automation components so you can configure with confidence.


Reusable components

Creating custom components can be costly to support and maintain. RoboDesigner helps you configure objects to be reused across multiple automations.


Productivity & Consistency

Productive developers are happy developers. Give your team all the support and tools they need to deliver consistent, quality solutions each and every time.

One Bundle. One Price. Two Great Products.

We’ve combined the power of RoboDesigner and RoboReview into a single, unified offering.
It’s easy to set up, easy to use and it’s priced for companies of all sizes to benefit.

Small Teams
1-9 users

USD 340

per user, per month
up to 20 submissions
billed annually

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Growing Teams
3 users

USD 300

per user, per month
unlimited submissions
billed annually

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Larger Teams
20-29 users

USD 250

per user, per month
unlimited submissions
billed annually

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30+ users? We offer discounts for large teams! Speak to an expert

RoboDesigner cuts delivery time by ~30% freeing your team to deliver more

Using RoboDesigner helped us reduce our average delivery wave from 10 weeks to 7 weeks. We’re confident our automation components are high-quality and reusable, too!



Whether you’re already using the tools or want to dip your toe in for the first time, you can sign up free for our RoboDesigner™ Certified Professional course. Successfully complete the courses to earn Certified Professional Badges and share them with your colleagues and connections on LinkedIn.  Use the code #automatebetter to register.

In the 32 minute RoboDesigner™ course, learn how to use our tool to accelerate the repeatable development of high-quality Blue Prism objects.


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