Customer Stories

From Business User to CoE: Building Automation Capability with Power Platform


1-day workshops


Staff members upskilled


Participants became members of CoE

Reveal Group developed a bespoke curriculum to align with the organizational strategy and the needs of the target audience.
Reveal Group successfully facilitated four separate hands-on enablement workshops to a total of 80 participants from various areas of the business. These sessions formed an integral part of the organizational awareness and change management strategy.
This resulted in 10 participants volunteering to join the Centre of Excellence and to be the champions for automation in their respective lines of business. Reveal Group continues to support these champions through just-in-time Masterclasses and individual coaching. The initiative has facilitated an organization-wide acceptance of a hybrid human and digital workforce and has fast-tracked the enablement of key members of the newly formed Centre of Excellence.

An Australian leader in the health, wealth, and care services industry was set out to establish a Centre of Excellence and Operating Model for business process improvement using the Microsoft Power Platform. Their goal for their automation program was to enhance their customer experience whilst simultaneously benefiting from the increased speed, accuracy, and efficiency that Intelligent Automation provides. The scope of Reveal Group’s work had three main objectives:

  • Develop a customized training program that aligned with the needs of the target audience and the organizational strategy.
  • Facilitate multiple 1-day hands-on training workshops for a total of 80 team members from various areas of the business
  • Provide ongoing Masterclasses and coaching to encourage adoption and accelerate success


  • OPERATING: Melbourne, Australia
  • COMPANY SIZE: 7,500



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