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Low Supply, High Demand – Alleviating the Impact of COVID on Global Supply Chain Manufacturers


Ongoing hours back to
the business


Reduction in SLA


Weeks to automation

Celebrating the success in their existing UiPath RPA Program, the client was inspired and wanted to apply the same solutions across their automotive division. With hopes of alleviating the team of manual processes and softening the effect the shortage had on their teams, they looked to Reveal Group for guidance, best practices, and implementation.

The Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) process maintains the inventory of materials. It generates procurement proposals or planned orders which could be converted to purchase requisitions or production orders. A global supply chain team of 10-15 Customer Analysts across eleven plants, was bogged down with time-sensitive manual data entries that were critical to the manufacturing process during a time when demand was high, and supply was low. This put a wrench in production schedule updates and significantly slowed down the process. Automating the data entry process removed the need for human intervention and potential error. It also sped up the process in SAP allowing the team to meet a 1-day processing time frame rather than 3 days. Having experience in the supply chain field, Reveal Group was able to deliver the automotive division’s RPA program in just 4-weeks’ time, relieving the team of manual work and giving approximately 2,958 hours back to the business to date. Reveal Group experts also assisted the division in the consolidation and standardization of their reports, ensuring that all manufacturing plants regardless of their material type adhere to the same reporting.

Introducing a new RPA program to a global automotive division requires a smooth act of change management. Reveal Group’s extensive experience in this area meant we were able to work across several teams to introduce and standardize the new process as well as provide proper training. These teams included the customer analyst team, operations, business improvement, SAP Quality Assurance, and the technical team.

More importantly, Reveal Group provided the client the confidence in RPA technology and its capabilities by sharing best practices and educating the business on day-to-day automation maintenance. Our expertise helped the client rethink the way they operate, allowing them to understand the true potential in expanding their automation program company wide.

A global business that creates audio and visual assemblies for various major automotive brands at eleven manufacturing plants was met with supply shortages and high demand. As a direct result of the COVID supply chain disruption, the business was impacted by the global semiconductor (otherwise known as a chip) shortage and was unable to manufacture its assemblies at full capacity. As a result, their automotive division reduced their planned production schedules in their SAP management system based on the low availability of semiconductors.

  • COMPANY SIZE: 30,000
  • REVENUE: $8.8B USD




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