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Establishing a Strong Automation Ecosystem


faster order and
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annual hours given
back to the Customer
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staff members trained
in automated


increase in work
volume handled

Imagine if your Customer Service team could manage a workload increase of 500% without hiring more staff. Operating in the industrial machinery and manufacturing sector, our client’s enthusiasm to understand and adopt Robotic Process Automation spread a resounding acceptance of innovative technology across their enterprise. Building internal capability within your business ensures you establish a robust automation ecosystem. You can elevate your employee and customer experience by improving process efficiency with intelligent automation.

Reveal Group’s deep expertise in piloting UiPath automation programs and helping clients build internal capabilities proved undeniable value to the client. The client’s main objectives were improving employee satisfaction and the quality of services to their customers and increasing productivity. They were committed to building internal capabilities that would reap benefits quickly. For that reason, Reveal Group chose the following approach.

As part of the 9-week project, Reveal Group assisted the client in piloting RPA and helping them define a Center of Excellence (CoE). The first step was to build an Intelligent Automation operating model or Blueprint for scale representing the strategy, roles, organizational design, and governance practices. Reveal Group’s platform architects provided support in installing UiPath while our highly skilled RPA developers set out to design, build, test, and deploy production-grade automations.

Reveal Group upskilled the Operations Transformation Group, allowing them to inherit and manage the automated solutions confidently. Reveal Group’s experienced developers evaluated the skills of their client’s staff, trained them on best practices, and guided them through their first mentored delivery wave. Enhancing the teams’ capabilities ensured a smooth platform set-up, avoiding any issues down the line and allowing for the opportunity to scale rapidly. Reveal Group’s framework and methodologies, governed through Reveal RoboSuite™, allowed the team to build repeatable automated processes in different business areas. Automations with a high usability use case and a suitable governance model drove momentum for the program and equipped the employees with skills to take on a digital future.

The process selected for automation directly impacted customers. The client’s Customer Success team is responsible for monitoring the progress of all open orders placed by customers. Daily, their Customer Success reps had to manually identify potential delays in shipments of goods while navigating across 15 different supplier sites. They had to compare Purchase Order ship dates between the supplier portal and their ERP system and adjust any mismatch, all while providing customer’s timely status updates. This manual process had to be completed for over 50,000 orders monthly, utilizing upwards of 5,000 hours of the team’s time per year. With their volume of orders so high, the Customer Success team could only handle the verification process weekly.

Automating the tedious monitoring of PO progress and shipments increased the processing speed by 30% and allowed them to process orders daily. As a result, this allowed the client to manage customer expectations better. It has evolved the Customer Success Rep’s role to focus on managing customer relationships rather than being bogged down by chasing order delays.

The UiPath solution improved the client’s operations, allowing their staff to serve customers more efficiently and confidently. The automation project was such a success that it received praise from the entire C-suite level, unlocking the budget for the following year. This budget will enable the client to add new staff to their CoE team and scale their program. The company’s new objective is to see 35,000 hours returned early next year, leveraging Reveal RoboSuite™ and the framework Reveal Group instilled.

  • COMPANY SIZE: 2,400

“Not only do they support us at the technical level, but with their Blueprint for Scale module, they provided executives and leaders with the right tools to help drive our automation narrative throughout our organization.”



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