Customer Stories

Perfecting the recipe: Maximizing output and minimizing cost in Chemical Manufacturing


increase in control room operator productivity


increase in runtime resource capacity

Reveal Group partnered with a Fortune 500 Chemical Manufacturer to reduce control room operational costs, maximize the output of their RPA platform, and reduce cost per automation.


With 90 automations in production and the support of a large offshore team, the clients’ program quickly became an operational challenge. The client sought a solution that ensured high license utilization, time returned to team members, and new use cases to continue growing the program.


Reveal Group revolutionized these operational challenges with the implementation and platform setup of C TWO. C TWO is an intelligent orchestration tool that runs processes optimally using machine learning and decisions to assess SLAs and resource pools rather than relying on prescribed times and specific machines. With comparable data from previous C TWO implementations, we knew the platform would increase the control room operator’s productivity by at least 50%. In recognizing the benefits C TWO would bring our client, we also discovered ways to enhance the efficiency of their automations.

Reveal Group experts collaborated with the client in just eight weeks to onboard their processes to C TWO’s production environment.


  • New Base of Operations: The operations team loves seeing the configuration and the impact. They also find the tool easy to use and onboard new processes as their automation program expands. “We’re always going to pick C TWO over the old control room” – Reveal Group Chemical Manufacturing Client
  • Planned Downtimes: The operations team has been a massive fan of the scheduled downtime capability in C TWO to deal with machine updates and server upgrades. It used to take a full day each quarter to turn off 110 schedules manually, and now they can do it in a few seconds.
  • Automated Operations: Implementing C TWO has allowed for automatic resolution of operational issues. For example, the operations team noticed a bunch of machines having terminations at the same time and were able to diagnose the problem as an unplanned server upgrade. Just as they were communicating that issue to the business, C TWO could restart the processes on its own. Crisis averted!
  • Freed Up Resource Capacity: Having C TWO has freed up machines no longer required due to optimized scheduling and freed up the operations team to focus on real issues (e.g., bugs/process fixes). What used to take about 75% of their time now only takes 25%.

C TWO allows clients to increase control room operator productivity by over 50%. The client’s operations stand to gain substantial value from C TWO’s capability to minimize overhead expenses and prevent last-minute support chaos.

  • Automatically intervening to restart terminated processes, user login/logouts, and lock screens
  • Preventing automations from running against a target application with planned downtime
  • Restarting VDIs due to frozen sessions, endless looping, and irregular performance
  • Powering down unnecessary cloud-based VDIs based on current volumes
  • Displaying 50+ pre-built dashboards to monitor real-time operations

With C TWO in place, these business-critical automated processes are completed an hour earlier each day, giving the client greater insight and control. Observing C TWO’s machine learning capabilities as it seamlessly navigated three processes and determined the average handling time to complete each, Reveal Group experts applied this to several broader business cases.

C TWO’s enhanced control room operator responsiveness, reporting visibility of broken processes, and advancements to human-in-the-loop capabilities act as a client notification system.

“C TWO knocked other control room platforms out of the park. Process onboarding was a breeze, and more time was given to the team to focus on real issues rather than resource availability. Before every quarter, the team had to turn off 110 schedules manually. Now they can apply it to specific bots so it’s easy to pick up where workflows left off, and there are fewer complaints from business due to underperformance notifications.”

– Reveal Group Chemical Manufacturing Client