Customer Stories

Clean bill of health: Efficiency, trust, and resilience with automation


SLA Adherence


increase in volume worked


increased resource utilization

Reveal Group partnered with one of the largest healthcare systems in the United States to achieve RPA CoE Transformation and restore trust with their key business stakeholders.


With 89 Blue Prism processes in production, the client sought a solution to optimize operations, including increasing license utilization, SLA adherence, and control room responsiveness and efficiency. This healthcare system client had over 60 VMs (virtual machines), most with less than 10% utilization and less than 90% SLA adherence. They were receiving complaints from their business stakeholders about automations failing to complete on time, which was putting the program at risk.


Reveal Group transformed these operational challenges by implementing C TWO and setting up the platform. Reveal Group provided the client with internal training to learn the tool and onboard all SS&C Blue Prism processes into C TWO. They also received training on developing business-critical dashboards to manage automation and optimize processes proactively.


  • Resource Utilization Increased: After onboarding their current set of 89 automations, the client was able to onboard 35 additional automations without procuring a single new VM
  • Planned Downtimes: Twice a month, the client team utilized this function to pause machines to reboot a server, saving time deactivating and reactivating; what took hours now takes seconds
  • Real-Time Health Checks: The team can see which sessions and resources are running, helping them quickly identify which listeners are off; they also receive notifications when processes are frozen and need to be restarted
  • SLA Adherence Improved Significantly: Processes are completed timelier, and SLA adherence rose from 90% to 99%. The team can catch issues before the broader business knows there’s an issue. The client developer stated, “There’s been no news from the business, which is good news.”
  • More Cases Processed: C TWO has enabled machines to swarm (i.e., when items hit a queue, all available machines start working the queue) increasing the volume processed. One process yielded an increase from 600 to 3,600 items per hour; even if a machine goes offline, the swarming and processing continues until the queue is complete. With C TWO, you no longer experience the “when one light goes out, and they all go out” scenario, typically experienced with RPA tools alone.