Consumer + Retail

Consumer + Retailer companies who embrace digital technology stand to thrive in the omnichannel retail world we now live in.

Digital technologies can help retailers integrate legacy inventory, ordering, and tracking systems with omnichannel ordering and fulfilment systems, allowing retailers to deliver experiences that keep consumers coming back.


“We could not have made a better choice in a partner to help us implement RPA technology and build our internal capability. We’re glad that we could play a part in helping Reveal Group to establish themselves as the first Blue Prism Platinum partner.”
Manager of Accounting Projects, Ulta: US Cosmetics Retailer

Consumer + Retail Use Cases

The industry is turning to automation to save time and money in the field but should
consider implementing similar technologies within back-office operations.

Challenges and Opportunities in Consumer + Retail

Intelligent solutions designed to help retailers empower employees, engage customers, and optimize operations. Retail companies have primarily been focusing on applying automation technology to supply chain operations and logistics management and have seen great success with this method on the bottom line.



When shifting between online and in-store purchases, customers want consistency in both the available products and the experience

Supply Chain


Reducing excess inventory and rectifying performance gaps across locations promptly to decrease cost and increase profits


Creating consistent messaging throughout internal divisions and externally to clients across never-ending retail channels

Data Outpacing


Customer data is gathered at an alarming rate, leaving analysts scrambling to evaluate and contextualize the figures


Sourcing inventory, planning, and receiving goods


Bots perform inventory analysis to identify and resolve adjustments based on programmed thresholds

Mid Stream

Distribution, managing inventory, managing digital marketing


Bots schedule and monitor online marketing campaigns

Down Stream

Pricing, Finance, Contracting, Reporting and Monitoring


Bots process thousands of invoices, avoiding manual verification that is tedious, ineffcient and error-prone


Supply Chain

Sales & Marketing



Supply Chain


— Inventory Management
— Price Lookup and Comparison
— Stock Re-Ordering
— Supply and Demand Planning
— ERP Integration
— Shipment Status Communication
— Purchase Order Management
— Vendor Selection
— Shrinkage
— Order Processing (Order to Cash)
— Goods Receipting
— Billing and Collections
— Returns and Refunds Processing
— Customer Service
— Invoice Management
— Internal Reporting

Sales & Marketing


— Customer Management
— eCommerce (BOPIS)
— Payment Handling
— Competitor Pricing
— Data Cleansing
— Credit Checks
— Business Intelligence
— Mobile Application Intergration
— Data Management
— Marketing Campaigns
— Advertising Spend Management
— Forecasting
— Supply Chain Risk Management
— Campagin Management
— Product Administration
— Reporting




— Accounts Payable
— Debt Recovery
— Accounts Receivable
— Loan and Credit Management
— Debt Write-offs
— Write-offs / Debt Management
— DSO Outstanding
— Collections
— Dividends Management
— Reconciliation
— Auditing
— Accrual Booking
— Remittance
— Credit Checks
— Accounting Journal Entries
— Payroll



— Service Level Reporting
— Staff Management
— Inventory Management—
— Portal Interactions
— Site Access Management
— Data Migration
— Exception Handling
— Data Processing
— Logistics
— Back Office Processing
— Relationship Management
— Administration
— Vehicle Booking
— Route Measurement
— Systems Monitoring
— Supply Chain Management

Customer Stories

Consumer + Retail Ulta Beauty: Leading U.S. Cosmetics Retail Company
The client sought to implement digital workers to increase its back-office capacity, enable its employees to focus on thought-intensive work, and upskill staff on automation tools to prepare them for the future state of work
Consumer + Retail Automation Levers in Retail Bankruptcy: Do More with Less
Facing pressures to continuously do more with less, a US retail outlet identified automatic
Consumer + Retail Home Improvement Retailer
Following a successful Proof-of-Concept, the client sought to build its own capability to