We are working to cure healthcare inefficiencies so medical professionals can focus on patients, not paperwork.

Healthcare is an industry in transition. Increasing pressure to deliver better care with lower costs is driving healthcare providers to invest in intelligent solutions that will inform their clinical, operational, and financial decisions.

Rising healthcare expenditures, margin compression, and inefficiencies in revenue cycle management are creating pressure to streamline operations and cut costs while delivering superior customer experiences.

Forward-thinking hospitals, health insurers, and other healthcare providers are implementing Intelligent Automation to achieve remarkable results.


“Reveal Group elevated our concept of working with Service Providers. It was great to see our team reach self-sufficiency in such a short amount of time.”
– Head of Automation, Cerner: Health Care Technology Solution Provider

Reveal Group in Healthcare

With Reveal Group as your partner, you will benefit from our deep knowledge of the healthcare industry— from large medical networks to boutique practices—as well as our proven track record with mission-critical industry applications, process analysis automation, and advisory services.

Leading providers trust our teams to manage and modernize their mission-critical systems while integrating new digital solutions to produce better business outcomes.

“Administrative work consumes one-sixth of U.S. physicians’ working hours and lowers their career satisfaction”
– International Journal of Health Services

Healthcare Solutions

From appointment setting to patient registration, employee HR services to clinical trial management, intelligent automation supports the healthcare industry in minimizing the risk of human error, saving time, and providing more efficient, higher quality care to patients around the world.


Patient Access + Care

Human Resources

Patient Data Management

Patient Financial Services

Patient Access + Care

Case Management

Create cases or add data and notes to existing cases across systems. Reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of human error.

Patient Information Presentation

Aggregate patient records which may be across multiple Electronic Medical Record systems to present a single view of all the facts for clinicians to help deliver truly personalized care.

Patient Engagement

Intelligent automation can assign patient portal set up, access, and send out links to patients following discharge. Treatment plans may also be automatically updated through the portals for patients requiring repeat visits.

Patient Self-Service + Hands-Free Check-in

Integrate with facial recognition technology to enable bots to automatically check-in repeat patients and retrieve their records on arrival, reducing waiting times and improving patient experience.

Human Resources

Talent Acquisition & Screening

Interview scheduling, benefits package management, and offer letter generation for a smoother pre-employment experience. Automatically cross-reference multiple background check sources to flag discrepancies in education records, work history, professional licenses, and malpractice complaints

Employee Exit

Schedule exit activities, reassign outstanding work, verify the return of corporate assets, revoke system and facility access and update payroll. Ensure a smooth experience for exiting employees and minimize potential security risks.

Staff Rostering

Automate rostering sequences for casual and permanent staff across all facets of healthcare. Adequately filling all required hours to comply with requirements and ensure audibility and rostering in line with each employee’s contract.

Patient Data Management

Mass Migration Data

Migrate patient data from legacy systems to new patient record systems. 100% accuracy and big savings in manual effort and associated costs.

Outcome Transcription

Transcribe patient outcomes across systems, removing the risk of human errors and improving patient safety.

Account Data Updates

Ensure patient records and accounts are accurate, reducing the risk of missing information leading to denial write-offs.

Patient Financial Services

Claims Denial Service

Inefficient claims management from data issues like missing patient information cost hospitals millions of dollars a year in the US alone in denial write-offs. Intelligent automation can minimize that risk through improved data management and accurate, proactive, account updates.

Direct Debit Processing

End of Month Processing

Authorisation Management

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