Public Sector

Scale when people need you the most. Harness digital technologies that have the power to help reduce risks, improve efficiencies and, ultimately, protect the citizen.

Our world transformed overnight. It is paramount that essential apps and services like unemployment insurance, healthcare IT, relief efforts, and more can scale to meet demand in these unprecedented times.

Reveal Group in the Public Sector

Reveal Group is here to help. Our technologies allow federal, state, and local agencies to be more responsive to crises while maintaining the security, privacy, and stability of their systems.

Government runs better with the right technology and a customer-focused partner. Whether it’s supporting the military, modernizing and protecting government infrastructure, or delivering better services to citizens, we help public sector organizations fulfill their missions and make the most of their resources.

  • 15+ years of industry experience

  • Leading international and federal government clients

  • Over 500 processes automated in Public Sector

  • 80,000 hours returned to Public Sector clients


“Our CoE benefits massively every time that we engage with Reveal Group who always teach us new techniques and introduce new tools and updated artifacts. Thank you to the Reveal Team for doing exceptional work and for helping us to consistently raise our game.”
Automation Delivery Lead, State Government

Public Sector Solutions

Reveal Group enables Public Sector agencies to face their unique challenges and leverage digital technologies to get real results they can trust. Intelligent automation is an excellent way to help governments prioritize citizen services, free civil servants from redundant and time-consuming tasks, reduce costs, and improve productivity.


Citizen Service

Human Resources


Citizen Service

Public Record & Account Enquiries

Automate the process on the front end, using intelligent automation to capture all initial data.

Employee Empowerment

Agency employees are enabled to provide more directed support rather than spending time on repetitive, mundane tasks.

Data Security

Use intelligent automation to ensure that data shared across agencies, including pensions, welfare, and child maintenance policy, is secure and highly accurate.


Automate the reconciliation of trading and accounting platform data by extracting and reconciling across multiple platforms.

Human Resources

HR Personnel Onboarding and Skills Mapping

Intelligent automation can automatically provide login credentials and access to resources for new employees, reducing the overall amount of time onboarding takes.

Employee Progress Management

Automate numerous employee lifecycle tasks with advanced training and learning, annual review, and performance improvement plans to deliver a more engaging and meaningful employee experience.

Background Checks for Recruitment Process Improvement

Harnessing intelligent automation can provide sentiment analysis and faster, more accurate background and social media research.

Compensation Management

Automates compensation tasks such as payroll changes, data validation, reconciliation and more can be automated to ensure accuracy and compliance.


Automatic Invoicing

Apply intelligent automation to learn when invoices need to be delivered and automatically send them to the appropriate contacts. Citizen satisfaction improves as the billing pattern becomes predictable billing pattern and agencies realize more revenue on time.

Financial Data Tracking

Track month-end closes or monthly review checklists to provide high-level overviews of revenues and expenses with a combination of RPA and AI.

Tax Preparation

Use intelligent automation to pull data from multiple systems and sources and compile that data into reports that can be used to prepare taxes.

Planning & Budgets

Use intelligent automation to pull data from multiple systems and sources and compile that data into reports that can be used to prepare taxes.

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