Travel + Logistics

Today’s travel, transportation, and logistics businesses face increasing competitive pressure to provide the best customer experience, build loyalty and expand services.

Whether helping people or goods reach their destinations, industry leaders are leveraging new technologies to modernize aging infrastructure and outdated processes, as well as embracing connected platforms to help them deliver differentiated services and experiences that delight travelers.

With Reveal Group as your partner, you will benefit from our deep knowledge of the air travel and logistics industry— from business and technical perspectives—as well as our proven track record with mission-critical industry applications, process analysis automation, and advisory services.

Our seamless system integration, delivery methodologies, and flexible deployment models simplify the implementation process and help you save time and costs.
Leading industry brands trust our teams to manage and modernize their mission-critical systems while integrating new digital solutions to produce better business outcomes. Our customers include:

  • Leading international and domestic airlines

  • Australia’s largest motoring and logistics group

  • National freight services

  • Global providers of transportation and logistics services


“Reveal played a critical part in setting the foundation on our RPA journey. RPA enables us to stay competitive without sacrificing standards. Simple implementation has improved lead-time, accuracy and quality.”
– Head of Automation, International Airline

Travel + Logistics Solutions

Travel and logistics companies face new demands for complete, end-to-end visibility into the supply chain as consumer expectations change. While challenging, these industry drivers create opportunities for integration and shared systems that can improve consumer experience and business outcomes.
Our solutions provide you with mission-critical applications to sell your products and services, manage the customer travel lifecycle, handle passengers in the airport, personalize the retailing and customer experience, and recognize revenue based on customer service delivered.


Customer Service

Freight Management

Supply & Demand Planning

Customer Service

Price Monitoring

Automatically identify price changes, generate impact analysis, and populate freight cost logs freeing up buyer’s time to focus on revenue-generating activity.

Ticketing & Quote Management

Automate baggage rules and fees, provide ticketing and quotes on-demand automatically, minimizing delay and improving customer experience. Accelerate airline fare pricing with immediate, flexible, accurate pricing of itineraries based on industry standards. Reissue or refund tickets quickly and accurately with recalculated prices, ensuring all charges, fees, and taxes due to your airline are still collected.

Status Updates

Automate customer updates to let them know the status of their flights or shipments at any given time, considerably increasing customer satisfaction.

Complaints Handling

Automate communication management to ensure customers are kept informed of progress regularly. Run compliance checks to ensure open complaints do not drift.

Freight Management


Use Intelligent Automation to update scheduling systems with requests as appropriate. Minimizing the time between request and execution and removing the risk of manual errors that can be costly.

Freight Requests

Use Intelligent Automation to select possible carriers, calculate costs and select best-priced suppliers for a more efficient and cost-effective freight purchase approach.

Shipment Tracking

Automatically monitor the status of shipments, monitoring tracker systems including those of third-party carriers, to maintain a near real-time view of loads.

Supply & Demand Planning

Data Aggregation

Intelligent Automation can pull data from multiple systems, whether internal or third-party, cleanse and format it to provide a dataset for analysis or review by planners.

Trend Analysis

Connect bots with data analytics applications to enable data analysis to identify trends from supplier pricing to customer purchasing activity. Intelligent Automation can help you collate and aggregate data to transform decision making across your organization.

Forecast Reporting

Generate and disseminate detailed automated reports with more accurate forecasting to increase flexibility and reduce costs.

Predictive Maintenance

Intelligent Automation can gather data from assorted sensors and systems, facilitating the use of predictive algorithms to provide predictive maintenance and minimize downtime. One customer reduced faults by 650 in the first year and saved $10’s millions in maintenance and replacement fees.