Telecommunications, Media + Technology

In rapidly changing markets, Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications companies must redefine the customer experience, capitalize on digital convergence and quickly launch new business models.

As more and more people turn to telecommunications companies to keep them connected with diverse, global networks, these companies must compete with one another to provide the fastest, most affordable, and cutting-edge services.

Yet, many telecommunications providers are burdened with rapid growth and large volumes of operational processes—managing data, controlling cost, increasing business agility, acquiring talent, and developing new services.

Leading industry brands trust our teams to manage and modernize their mission-critical systems while integrating new digital solutions to produce better business outcomes. Our customers include:

  • Leading telco and network provider

  • 500+ processes automated

  • 10,000 hours returned to the business

  • Over 400 client employees trained in RPA


“Intelligent automation will help us deliver superior customer service, which is at the heart of every initiative at Aristocrat.”
– Karin Tossotti, Project Manager, Finance – ERP Project, Aristocrat

Telecommunications, Media + Technology Solutions

Whether it is helping telecommunications companies manage large, unstructured datasets or increase their responsiveness to industry disruptions via streamlined operational tasks, intelligent automation is perhaps the perfect match for the telecommunications industry as it continues to grow and develop on a global stage.


Transform Your Business Systems

Improve The Customer Experience

Deploy New Technologies And Innovations Faster

Transform Your Business Systems


— Streamline end-to-end manual tasks through automation

— Align data across multiple systems and reduce manual processing

— Enable real-time processes that increase efficiency and reducing costs

— Configure and activate new network elements, saving field engineers’ time and resources

— Manage security threat management using intelligent automation, running audit processes to assess the impact of the threat and provide a resolution to it.

Improve The Customer Experience


— Implement intelligent automation for customer onboarding, offboarding and contract changes maintaining a clear, single view of your customers.

— Turn new customers into revenue or remove them from all systems automatically if they leave.

— Real-time customer service responsiveness with automated answer, response, and routing support

— Reduced waiting and talk time and improved first call resolution (FCR)

— Gain instant access to all customer information presented in a dynamic, unified and single view

— Filter and analyze trouble tickets more efficiently, resolving most issues locally without the need to send a field technician

Deploy New Technologies And Innovations Faster


— Greater agility for regulatory change, reducing compliance costs
— Leverage process automation for enterprise network planning, performance management, network design, and scaling
— Reduce deployment times to free up your IT staff so they can focus on other more business-relevant tasks

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