Energy, Utilities + Natural Resources

Reveal Group Energy, Utilities, and Natural Resources clients are using digital technologies to meet the growing global demand for energy.

Digital technologies offer companies the opportunity to create new products quickly, improve worker safety and maintain complex infrastructure across plants, processes, products, people, and partners.


“Reveal Group was an excellent partner to help establish our RPA capability and we would highly recommend them to others looking to develop a RPA practice that delivers benefits fast.”
– Automation Practice Lead, Utilities Provider

Challenges and Opportunities in Energy, Utilities + Natural Resources

Intelligent solutions designed to help retailers empower employees, engage customers, and optimize operations. Energy, Utilities + Natural Resources companies have primarily been focusing on applying automation technology to equipment and operations in the field and have seen great success with this method on the bottom line.



Market forces causing restrictions on production and growth increasing the cost to do business.



With an increasing focus on renewable energy sources, investors are divesting in oil & gas.



Companies required to address environmental impact and increase business transparency.



New technology to track supply, manage productivity, and determine appropriate methods for getting products to market is maturing.


Data Analytics, Reporting for Exploration / Production, Inventory Management

Bots can correctly enter data into systems, avoiding manual entry in the field and they integrate easily with newly implemented software

Mid Stream

Logistics, Trading, Safety Checklists, Supply Chain Management

Bots can perform analysis quickly to identify any necessary adjustments and maintenance required for efficient production

Down Stream

Pricing, Finance, Contracting, Reporting and Monitoring

Bots process thousands of vendor charges, avoiding manual verification and validation that is tedious, inefficient, and error-prone

Use Cases for Energy, Utilities + Natural Resources

Reveal Group has supported several clients to rapidly maximize the value derived from Intelligent Automation. These technologies are commonly used in assisting cross-company functions like Finance, Supply Chain, Technology, and Human Resources. They are successful in these functionalities, but when it comes to Energy, Utilities + Natural Resources they can be applied further.



Supply Chain


Human Resources



— Accounts Payable
— Accounts Receivable
— Write-offs / Debt Management
— Dividends Management
— Auditing
— Remittance
— Accounting Journal Entries
— Debt Recovery
— Loan and Credit Management
— Collections
— Reconcilliation
— Accrual Booking
— Credit Checks
— Payroll

Supply Chain


— Inventory Management
— Supply and Demand Planning
— Goods Reciepting
— Price Lookup and Comparison
— Vendor Selection
— Billing and Collections
— Internal Reporting
— Asset Ordering
— Purchase Order Management
— Invoice Management
— Shipment Status Communication
— Requisition (to purchase)
— Customer Service
— Service Level Reporting



— Incident Management
— Transaction Monitoring
— Database Monitoring
— User Experience
— Application Development
— User Support and Services
— Quality Assurance
— Site Management Access
— Test and UAT Automation
— Network Support
— Backup & Patch Management
— Provisioning
— Configuration Management
— Infrastructure Management
— User Credentialling

Human Resources


— Absence Management
— Visa Applications / Management
— Salary Administration
— Job Opening Criteria
— Compliance Checks
— Recruitment Administration
— System Access Setup
— Background Checks
— Starters and Leavers
— Expense Management
— Benefits Automation
— Training Administration
— Employee Management
— Qualification Checking
— Helpdesk Application
— Candidate Reviews

Customer Stories

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