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Deliver superior service to your customers while cutting operational costs and reducing regulatory risk through Intelligent Automation solutions.

Intelligent Automation represents an unprecedented opportunity for financial services to gain market share, reduce costs, and enhance the client experience, while also complying with regulations and fighting financial crime.

Our world has transformed. Financial Services companies need to respond quickly in the face of mounting pressure on profits and changing customer demands. Leading BFSI brands trust Reveal Group to manage and modernize their mission-critical systems while integrating new digital solutions to produce better business outcomes.

  • 15+ years of industry experience

  • 10 million payment accounts processed

  • Over 70 BFSI clients

  • Leading international trade and share registry clients


“Reveal Group has been instrumental in our success. First, they delivered quality automation, but after that they have been truly exceptional in diagnosing issues, cutting down exceptions, educating end-users, and providing day-to-day support. Reveal Group has been a key player in creating a positive perception of automation in our firm.”
Senior Manager of Data & Analytics, Armanino

Banking + Financial Services Solutions

There are hundreds of enterprise intelligent automation applications in every function and business line in a bank. By using AI in consumer, investment, and commercial banking, your financial services organization — whether large or small — can drive revenue growth, differentiate your brand by offering a superior client experience, reduce operational costs while improving quality, and improve risk management effectiveness and efficiency.Reveal Group is ready to help you transform your compliance operations, and then your business so you can deliver the digital banking services your customers expect.


Regulation & Compliance


Financial Crime

Customer Experience

Regulation & Compliance

Compliance Monitoring & Reporting

Reduce regulatory risk and fines by leveraging a digital workforce and reduce manual errors down to near-zero. Generate financial reports automatically through the extraction and configuration of data across multiple platforms.


Reduce regulatory risk and fines by leveraging a digital workforce and reduce manual errors down to near-zero. Generate financial reports automatically through the extraction.

AML Compliance

Connect multiple customer contact systems, cleanse and maintain customer records to meet Anti-Money-Laundering compliance requirements.


Trade Processing

Blue Prism automates a manually intensive process requiring reconciliation across front, middle and back office. Obtaining information from multiple systems to feed into the process, Digital Workers perform rules-based aggregation, reconciliation and compilation of the data. They take actions to resolve simple breaks or, by using decision engines, can take more complex decisions on matching criteria, identifying more complex breaks and resolving.

Loan Applications

Digital Workers automate the review and approval of loan applications, increasing application processing bandwidth and revenue opportunity. Customers get 24/7 access to applications and real-time answers to their financial questions.

Card Management

End-to-end automation of credit card management processes, including upgrade, replacements and loyalty points.

Financial Crime

Payments Clearing

Automated management and monitoring customer requests for outbound payments to prevent fraudulent money transfers.

Anti-Money Laundering

Monitoring customer transactions across all systems to identify money laundering activity. A Digital Worker receives suspicious transaction alerts from an analytics tool, creates and populates a case file, extracts data from multiple bank records, contacts the customer for information, identifies the suspected fraud and presents the case to a human worker for decision.

Customer Experience

Intelligent Contact Centre

Automate time intensive tasks and allow agents to focus on providing a high-touch, high quality experience for financial services customers.

Customer Onboarding

Serve more customers faster while cutting costs. Leverage pre-built customer onboarding and KYC solutions to provide more personalized service and improve customer satisfaction and retention, while unlocking vast savings and growth.

Loan Applications

Process 99% of loan applications the same day by using automation to extract data from multiple legacy platforms.

Mortgage Calculator

Using automation to reduce the time taken to provide a customer with a mortgage calculation from days to minutes.

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