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Use Case

Establishing a Strong Automation Ecosystem
Reveal Group’s UiPath expertise helped this client develop a strong automation ecosystem.
Building a sustainable, scalable, intelligent automation program for a North American Credit Union
Facing pressure to continuously improve processes so employees can focus on customer experience, the client identified RPA to help increase productivity, reduce risk, and enhance member experience.
Sincro: Investing in the Optimization of your Digital Workforce
Sincro invested in its digital workforce to promote operational efficiency, increase product
Low Supply, High Demand – Alleviating the Impact of COVID on Global Supply Chain Manufacturers
Celebrating the success in their existing UiPath RPA Program, the client was inspired and wanted to apply the same solutions across their automotive division. Especially during a time of low supply and high demand.
Quadax: Optimizing Revenue Cycle Management for Healthcare Providers
Delivering their first RPA initiative as a company, helped improve the company’s client satisfaction and significantly reduced manual effort.
A cloud-first approach to digital transformation
Learn how cloud computing eases and speeds the adoption of end-to-end digital transformation.
The Next Era of Digital Transformation
Read to learn how companies that embrace transformation do business faster, better, and cheaper.
Four Key Challenges to Adopting NLP with RPA – Livestream with
Watch a replay of’s LinkedIn livestream featuring Reveal Group’s Josh Noble and Doug Merrill.
Customer Success Story: Carpet Call
Carpet Call sought help to address insufficiencies and bottlenecks within the business.
Tackle complex use cases with Intelligent Document Processing
Reveal Group developed and deployed a holistic end-to-end IDP solution using ABBYY FlexiCapture
Automation Levers in Retail Bankruptcy: Do More with Less
Facing pressures to continuously do more with less, a US retail outlet identified automatic
Cerner: Healthcare Technology Solution Provider
As part of an overall initiative to reduce operational cost and increase customer satisfaction, Reveal Group partnered with Cerner, a Healthcare Technology Solution Provider to build an internal RPA Capability.