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From untouchable data to strategic actions: Leveraging insights to drive business success


reduction in manual effort


portals to one centralized platform


weeks delivered to production

What if you could gain control of your organization’s dispersed data making it centrally accessible for your key stakeholders? Data can be a powerful business asset if accessible and trusted. Data can inform leaders and create strategic business opportunities, improve organizational communications, and influence customer interactions. Many companies are drawn to modern data analytics tools for monitoring and reporting but find themselves with difficult-to-consume, bland data. They often struggle to manage the data and face extreme limitations because the systems don’t speak to each other. These data-reaching barriers include needing an API, two-factor authentication, security roadblocks, hiding behind MFAs, or requiring clean, insightful data. Tackling these challenges is where the power of RPA comes in. RPA can search for hard-to-reach data in your organization’s platforms and bring it all to a central location.


Improving efficiency and data visibility with automation

To fuel innovation for their manufacturing client, Reveal Group experts built a UiPath automated solution for extracting, storing, and presenting customer scorecard data. The customer Quality Assurance team is responsible for analyzing production incident data from suppliers. This time-consuming monthly process required many steps, including extracting information from various portals to line-by-line data mapping in excel. Leveraging automation allows for improved efficiency, expanded visibility to historical data, and improved visibility of their supplier’s performance. The automated process involves:

  • Authenticating to the client’s browser-based customer portal.
  • Navigating to and downloading a series of customer scorecards.
  • Uploading the downloaded files to their cloud storage, Amazon S3 bucket.
  • ETL tool, Matillion, pulling the data from the S3 bucket, landing it in Snowflake, to leverage Qlik Application for analytics.


Real-time centralized Intelligence

Building this powerful data engine in just two weeks allowed the client to tap into untouchable, complex data from 15 different supplier portals on one centralized platform. The client can now access this data at any point, making quicker decisions based on centralized intelligence, updated in real-time.

Becoming a data-driven organization with enriched business insights and actionable analytics can improve how your employees make decisions. Investing in the right technology and frameworks can reduce friction within your data pipeline, optimizing your data with clear, self-service analytics and visualizations. Reveal Group expertise and frameworks paired with the power of UiPath automation can help your organization achieve an 80% reduction in manual effort while presenting the opportunity for key stakeholders to act on controlled, trusted data.


Reveal Group’s expertise

Reveal Group was engaged by their consulting partner to assist a customer who was facing significant constraints with their automation program. Reveal Group’s reputation for successfully piloting UiPath automations, and their ability to deliver high-quality RPA programs on time and within budget for their clients, made them a recommended and trusted advisor. Reveal Group’s expertise and specialty in data analytics and building a modern architectural ecosystem to pair with RPA solutions placed them at the forefront of their industry..

  • INDUSTRY: Manufacturing
  • OPERATING: United States
  • COMPANY SIZE: 30,000