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Identifying Unstructured Data for the World’s Largest Medical Device Manufacturer
Lacking experience with unstructured data, a top global medical device manufacturer sought
OD Plus: A Data-Centric, Business-Driven, Rapid Approach to Automation Opportunity Identification
Learn how OD plus can help you build your automation pipeline.
From untouchable data to strategic actions: Leveraging insights to drive business success
Reveal Group experts built a UiPath automated solution for extracting, storing, and presenting customer data.
Podcast: Turning Language into Data with featuring Walt Mayo and Josh Noble
On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Walt Mayo, CEO of, and Josh Noble, partner
Customer Spotlight: Banner Health – Renaming Patient Faxes
Banner Health's Kim Anderson and Reveal Group Principal Nicole Giovanni discuss Banner Health
Data Silos & Social Determinants of Health with SS&C Blue Prism
SS&C Blue Prism experts discuss how the benefits of linking vast silos of healthcare data
Linking Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) with RPA: Hyperscience + UiPath example
Intelligent Document Processing makes it easy to identify, classify and extract data from paper
Tackle complex use cases with Intelligent Document Processing
Reveal Group developed and deployed a holistic end-to-end IDP solution using ABBYY FlexiCapture
Tech Talks: Structuring Unstructured Data for Automation featuring
Reveal Group Manager Doug Merrill and Expert.Ai's Kevin Atkinson, debunk 4 myths associated with NLP and unstructured data.
Gain Automation Momentum with Data Intelligence
Businesses typically prioritize automation processes with structured input data. Fortunately, advancements in technology has expanded on automation opportunities for unstructured data.