Podcast: Turning Language into Data with featuring Walt Mayo and Josh Noble

Written by:
Suzanne Sorbera

Reveal Group, SS&C Blue Prism‘s platinum delivery and TAP partner has joined forces with

Most companies in the throes of digital transformation have realized the necessity of AI-enabled natural language processing and natural language understanding capabilities in their automation footprint, especially as the amount of unstructured text data continues to proliferate. On this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Walt Mayo, CEO of, and Josh Noble, partner at Reveal Group, who explain how is being leveraged by companies to automate their most language-intensive processes.

Here’s what they discussed with Brad Hairston:

– What is all about
– The top benefits companies are realizing

– How machine learning models are trained

– Why automation centers of excellence should care about

– Why and Reveal Group (both Blue Prism partners) are partnering themselves

– Is ChatGPT a threat to

– How may evolve in the years to come

Give it a listen below:

Written by:
Suzanne Sorbera