Tech Talks: Intelligent Orchestration featuring RPA Supervisor

Written by:
Suzanne Sorbera

Intelligent Orchestration platforms allow you to spend less time managing your digital workforce and more time delivering strategic value.


Reveal Group Partner Josh Noble and RPA Supervisor‘s Wesley Dunn discuss the four significant benefits of adding RPA Supervisor, an intelligent orchestration and management platform, to your tech stack:


  1. Intelligent orchestration – Creating business value with higher service level and a more responsive digital workforce via SLA & AI driven planning and prioritization
  2. Automated operations – Reducing risk through a more stable automation platform with less resources
  3. Real-time insights – Providing the whole organization live insight into business operations, value creation, & potential of the digital workforce
  4. Integration hub – Providing the power of dynamic SLA based orchestrations to all your automation platforms via Human-in-the-loop, pre-built connectors and integrations, APIs


(1:50) Intelligent orchestration 101


(4:36) RPA Supervisor – Integration hub


(6:30) ML-based scheduling


(10:40) Automated operations


(13:26) Real-time insights


(17:10) RPA Supervisor roadmap


Interested in how RPA Supervisor can help your organization manage its digital workforce? Contact our team for a tailored approach.



Written by:
Suzanne Sorbera