Navigating Early GenAI Success with Reveal Group

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Reveal Group

Bringing Structure to Unstructured Data Problems

Reveal Group’s successful track record in intelligent automation consulting has resulted from a lot of things, including their strong client partnerships, quality focus, and expertise with best-of-breed technologies. Guiding their clients through the GenAI revolution has become the next phase of their journey as a trusted advisor.

In this podcast, Brad Hairston talks with Xavier Hanson, partner at Reveal Group, who explains how his consulting firm is helping companies carefully and effectively integrate GenAI into their process automations.

Here’s what Xavier spoke about:


  • The secret to Reveal Group’s success and growth in the intelligent automation industry
  • Market maturity with regard to intelligent automation
  • The biggest obstacles to advancing and scaling automation programs
  • Where most companies currently are with GenAI exploration
  • The importance of prompt engineering
  • How Reveal Group helps companies test and evaluate GPT-Based Solutions
  • Determining when human-in-the-loop makes sense with GenAI outputs
  • A Reveal Group engagement example involving digital workers connected to GenAI
  • Thoughts and predictions for intelligent automation in 2024


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Written by:
Reveal Group