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Microsoft Power Platform Conference 2022 – Reveal Group Promo

Date published: October 19, 2022

Gain better insights into your business and improve customer satisfaction with tools you already have.

In this video, we share a demo on how you can use Microsoft Power Platform to provide your employees and customers with faster, more accurate, shipment tracking details. Just one of the many things you can do with this tool suite!

Power Platform Tools

  • Power apps allows you to build out the form that fulfills your customer’s order, which then feeds into Power BI.
  • Connecting to your existing data integration tools, Power BI dashboards give you a holistic view of metrics that help track sales, shipping times, and other historical data to help determine order fulfillments.
  • Power Automate allows you to build out automatic replies to your customers with tracking updates so that your employees can focus on greater value work.

Looking for another demo or wanting to chat through implementing these tools at your organization? Reach out to our experts here.

Interested in reading more specifically about Microsoft’s Power Automate? Read our whitepaper “10 Reasons you Should Adopt Microsoft Power Automate”.

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