Breaking through: Dramatically scaling your Intelligent Automation impact

Date published: October 4, 2022

Over the past five years, most large firms have launched and nurtured intelligent automation (IA) programs. A July 2022 survey by McKinsey & Company showed that 70% of large firms had an active IA program, with two-thirds saying that their IA programs positively impacted business performance. However, the stark reality is that most IA programs are still immature, limited in scope, and have not reached the aspirational IA goal of accounting for 50% of annual business performance improvement value.

Your organization can significantly scale its IA program to annually achieve over $100m in additional incremental business performance improvement while achieving a payback of fewer than twelve months. However, it requires your organization to do five things really well.

Find out how to achieve your business goals and excel in these five areas by downloading this article.

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