Top 3 Takeaways from SS&C Deliver 2023

Xavier Hanson, Partner at Reveal Group
Written by:
Xavier Hanson

The last week of October in Austin marked the 12th time the city has hosted the F1 Grand Prix and the 2023 incarnation of SS&C’s annual Deliver conference. The event covers all of SS&C’s offerings, but Intelligent Automation runs as a constant theme throughout all workstreams; here are the top 3 things you might have missed if you didn’t attend.


Looking for a TL;DR version or simply interested in hearing an Australian attempt to say “Texas” in a Southern accent? Scroll down to Xavier Hanson‘s live recap from the conference floor in Austin.


#1 Building a Foundation for the Future

A lot of the discussion and announcements relating to products for Blue Prism came down to their ‘Next Gen’ product revamp. In short, SS&C has invested significantly in the R&D of the Blue Prism & Chorus, rebuilding their products as cloud-native, future-facing technologies that will allow clients to scale much more efficiently and enable the platform to expand, offering much more functionality. Building a foundation for the future and removing the restrictions of the legacy product were running themes throughout the event. Those who attended in person were able to experience the enhancements live during SS&C’s  ‘Lab’ sessions. The feedback from customers who were hands-on during these labs was overwhelmingly positive and indicates a strong future for ‘Next Gen.’


#2 Empowering end-to-end business solutions

Unification and consistent user experience were other significant themes throughout the various product discussions. The Blue Prism & Chorus suite of tools together allows customers to solve complex (and high-value!) business problems within a single toolset. Still, there’s a clunkiness in moving between modules in their current form. Addressing this is a significant focus for the product team. When coupled with Next Gen for Blue Prism, customers and their partners can design and build integrated Intelligent Automation solutions with greater efficiency and lower friction.


#3 Pragmatic, secure, and responsible use of AI

AI was, of course, a topic on the tips of everyone’s tongue. It was interesting to hear SS&C’s approach to Generative AI (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) as part of their product offering. Their use of AI breaks into three different categories:


  • Improving development efficiency
  • Addressing a broader set of business use cases
  • Deriving greater insights from advanced analytics

We expected the first two and will keep an eye on developments there. Still, leveraging AI to use data generated by your IA processes to drive further improvement is unique in this space. We are all eager to see what it means for customers and the value they can extract from their existing IA footprint.


Interested to learn how these advancements will impact your ability to scale your Blue Prism program in 2024? Sign up for our virtual holiday event with SS&C Blue Prism on Dec 14th to hear from our experts directly.



Written by:
Xavier Hanson