Top 5 Generative AI-Powered Innovations Announced at Automation Anywhere Imagine 2023

Jon Knisley
Written by:
Jon Knisley

Conference season started out with a bang last week as Reveal Group sent a team to Austin for Automation Anywhere’s annual Imagine conference. The company announced a wave of generative AI-powered innovation at the conference to help put automation and AI to work across the enterprise. The one-two punch of automation and AI is the new system of work for the enterprise, driving business transformation and addressing the productivity crisis happening across every industry.


#1 Generative AI Automation Models

The new Responsible AI Layer features the first-ever generative AI automation models developed using rich, anonymized metadata from over 150 million automations run on Automation Anywhere. As an open platform, businesses can use different generative AI models from other vendors to support different use cases, providing maximum flexibility.


#2 Automation Co-Pilot

Generative AI was added to Automation Co-Pilot earlier this year. It is the only co-pilot that works across application boundaries, handles complex workflows, and adheres to governance rules. Business teams can now embed generative AI-powered automations directly in their favorite applications like Salesforce, SAP, Genesys, and Microsoft Teams. The new capabilities also empower citizen and professional developers to rapidly create powerful, customized automations using natural language prompts.


#3 Document Automation

Document Automation boosted generative AI to quickly understand, extract, and summarize data for 70% or more of automations involving a document. Document Automation now supports the quick processing of semi-structured and unstructured document types, including contracts, waybills, packing lists, and loan applications.


#4 Autopilot

Autopilot is an all-new offering streamlining automation development from process understanding to automation deployment. With human validation along the way, Autopilot rapidly generates end-to-end automations based on enterprise process mapping, using the power of generative AI. It helps companies go from process discovery to automation creation in minutes, even using process documents from third-party vendors.


#5 Responsible AI

As enterprises weigh the potential benefits and risks of incorporating generative AI into operations, data security, privacy, and possible misuse must be considered. Businesses can insert guardrails and controls to help mitigate risks and enable scaling securely and confidently. Automation Anywhere customers can select and manage generative AI models, test and optimize those models, create and manage reusable templates, mask sensitive data, audit automation performance, and more.


McKinsey predicts that generative AI will enable companies to automate up to 70% of the work that’s done today so teams can drive more high-value impact. To meet these market expectations, Automation Anywhere is accelerating innovation to support the latest technology advancements. It promises to be an exciting year, and we can’t wait to see what (and where) Imagine 2024 takes us.


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Written by:
Jon Knisley