License UiPath software

UiPath’s SKU-based approach provides you with the ability to manage your license spend at a granular level and allows you to scale your attended and unattended robots over time.


Named users

(i.e., license is assigned to a specific person)

Concurrent users

(i.e., many people share a license and only one can be active at a given time)

Concurrent runtimes

for unattended and non-production robots

Named users

(i.e., license is assigned to a specific person)


Attended runtimes

are what are commonly known as Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) as they share desktops with people. These may be named or concurrent.

Unattended runtimes

are what are commonly known as software robots as used in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). These run on their own based upon a predefined schedule or external triggers.

Studio licenses

used by your developers and day-to-day operations management team who build and ensure proper functioning of your production automations and are available through both named and concurrent licenses.


is a web-based tool that manages how your resources are deployed and your overall license utilization. You can add more licenses using your orchestrator. While not a requirement, most large UiPath automation programs will have at least one Orchestrator.

Unattended non-production runtimes

are used in pre-production such as QA environment and they enable disaster 
recovery for your production.

Get a Free Trial License

You can download a free 60-day UiPath trial license from UiPath’s website. You will be able to download the UiPath Platform and obtain a free license 60 days of usage.

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