The way work is performed today will differ significantly from how it is performed tomorrow as intelligent automation becomes embedded in the future workforce. We can help you implement a holistic view of automation, process and service improvement.

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What if your business could self-evolve to keep up with disruption? Learning processes can help you go beyond efficiency and adapt to change.

Our partnerships with key ‘best in breed’ technology providers allow Reveal Group to provide the most sophisticated Intelligent Automation solutions available

What are our Capabilities?

Robotic Process Automation

Automation software to end repetitive tasks
and make digital transformation a reality.

We are vendor agnostic and have teams of highly
experienced, top certified professionals working
with all industry leading RPA tools

Intelligent Document Processing

Extract information and data from documents and images

Integrations with leading providers allow our solutions to use Machine Learning (ML) enabled computer vision, engage in image perception and understand image data and documents. Reveal Group has strong partnerships and with all leading IDP providers. Our team of highly-experienced experts are ready to discuss the best option for your business requirements.

Process Mining

Use technology to quickly find and qualify candidates

Process Mining incorporates Big Data and Machine Learning techniques to provide unquestionable visibility of process performance and is coined as the next generation of Process Intelligence
Process mining software uses an algorithm to analyze these digital footprints and create an evidence based process flow and many more valuable insights.

Customer Experience

Converse with automated solutions in real-time

Natural Language Understanding with Chatbots + Virtual Agents to improve your Customer Experience (CX). Intelligent chatbots can interact with customers in real-time to resolve issues, conduct transactions, and answer questions. Intelligent chatbots can also predict customer intentions and offer specific help when they detect that a customer may need assistance.


Time to grow your intelligent automation program?
We can help you implement a holistic view of automation, process and service improvement.
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