RPA Course – Reveal Group and University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies

Written by:
Suzanne Sorbera

Looking for a course to learn the foundations of RPA and get hands-on experience with UiPath’s StudioX? We’ve got you covered. Open to all who want to learn. You do not need to be a current student at University of Toronto or a Canadian citizen.

R3757 – Robotic and Intelligent Process Automation

About the course:

If you’re looking to build your skills in robotic process automation (RPA), this seven-week course is for you. You’ll learn conceptual and practical elements of RPA and how it fits within digital transformation initiatives. You’ll explore adjacent technologies now in the marketplace, such as intelligent OCR, machine learning and NLP. You’ll emerge with the skills you need to build intelligent automations that align with established governance structures, and transition from a general analyst role to that of a hands-on RPA developer.


What you’ll learn:

– Understand what RPA is, market size, business value, how it fits within digital transformation initiatives, and how organizations can benefit
Learn how to get started with RPA, the necessary governance structure, and capabilities to establish a successful operating model within your organization

– Enhance the value you bring to your organization by gaining hands on experience by developing your own automation at the end of the course following industry best practices

– Gain both conceptual and practical knowledge to lay foundation for further developer certifications from leading RPA platform providers such as UiPath, Blue Prism, or Automation Anywhere



Written by:
Suzanne Sorbera