Reveal Group Achieves SS&C Blue Prism Silver Service Provider Status

Written by:
Charley Vokoun

Sets a new standard for its intelligent automation delivery capabilities


Reveal Group, a global leader in robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation deployments, today announced that it has been recognized by SS&C Blue Prism as a certified Service Provider, adding to their existing double Platinum Capability and Delivery Provider statuses. As the result of a seven-year partnership, Reveal Group has obtained the highest level of certification an SS&C Blue Prism provider can achieve. This comes on the tail of the company’s recent launch of Reveal RoboSuite™, best practice tools to help organizations automate better. This further showcases its commitment to selling and supporting SS&C Blue Prism’s digital workforce.


Reveal Group is the first partner globally to achieve Platinum Capability and Delivery Provider status, receiving over 50 customer satisfaction surveys with an average score of 98 percent.


To achieve the Platinum Capability and Delivery Provider certification, Reveal Group met SS&C Blue Prism’s rigorous requirements. As a managed service for its clients, Reveal Group offered scalable, resilient, and proven connected-RPA capabilities from SS&C Blue Prism, along with using their accredited resources in leading global enterprises in over 60 industries.


“We are honored to be recognized with this latest partner certification. Since commencing our RPA journey with SS&C Blue Prism, we have strongly believed that accreditation sets a bar that is good for our team and good for helping organizations new to RPA to select a partner they can rely on,” says Ian Crouch, CEO of Reveal Group. “This third Partner certification is outstanding recognition of the quality of our training, our depth of SS&C Blue Prism expertise and our business model, which emphasizes being easy to work with and responsive to our clients. We could not have achieved this accolade if it were not for the 150+ exceptionally talented and dedicated members of our global team.”


“We are heartened that Reveal Group has continually been pursuing its level of SS&C Blue Prism certification as this clearly showcases Reveal’s ability to serve our customers in this ever-changing market, with a high-quality managed service. It reinforces our vision of being customer-centric in delivering value-based innovations in intelligent automations across Australia and New Zealand,”  says Greg Eyre, Vice President, Australia & New Zealand, SS&C Blue Prism.


About Reveal Group


Having worked together since 2014, Reveal Group is an SS&C Blue Prism specialist. We have implemented SS&C Blue Prism for clients in more than 20 industries across the U.S., U.K., Australia, Canada, South Africa and Asia. Our unique approach leverages our experience, IP and training to quickly build client capability and self-sufficiency. Organizations look to us to start and scale their SS&C Blue Prism programs. We are known for our specific expertise in the SS&C | Blue Prism® Robotic Operating Model (ROM™) including COE, Platform Architecture, Development and Delivery, Pipeline, Governance and Benefit Realization. Our accredited training courses address all ROM™ roles and best practices. We are proud to be a trusted partner who delivers to the highest standards and is innovative, pragmatic, cost-effective and results-focused.


About SS&C Blue Prism


SS&C Blue Prism provides leading enterprise intelligent automation technology worldwide. We empower customers to reimagine how work gets done with a secure and scalable intelligent digital workforce. A digital workforce increases efficiency, reduces operating costs and returns millions of hours to staff to focus on the things that matter most.

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Written by:
Charley Vokoun