Podcast: Revealing Observations from the Front Lines of Intelligent Automation with Xavier Hanson

Written by:
Suzanne Sorbera

Reveal Group has been a key delivery and TAP partner for Blue Prism for many years. On this podcast episode, Brad Hairston talks with Xavier Hanson, a Partner and Blue Prism Practice Lead at Reveal Group, who shares many of his pointed observations on what’s going on in the world of intelligent automation.


Xavier joins Blue Prism’s Braid Hairston, to discuss:


– Overview of Reveal Group – services and product portfolio

– The major challenges companies face with scaling intelligent automation

– Building an intelligent automation capability versus outsourcing IA talent

– Where companies need to utilize AI more in their process automation

– What’s right and what’s wrong with citizen development programs

– The trend toward hybrid automation platforms

– The advent of process intelligence and its impact on scaling intelligent automation

– An interesting Reveal Group customer story

– Intelligent automation predictions for 2022



Ready for more? You can listen to the full podcast episode below.


Written by:
Suzanne Sorbera