Customer Stories

National Charitable Organization

This national charity is committed to helping people of all ages and abilities experience a more fulfilling life physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Ensuring that the employees and volunteers can focus on what matters in the roles means freeing them from the tasks that are monotonous, but essential to an NFPs success.

The Finance Department has a large Accounts Payable team that, along with their colleagues in the operations team, can spend the majority of their time processing incoming invoices from suppliers and uploading them as vouchers for the finance system. Automating the manual, repetitive parts of this process has returned hundreds of hours to the business and increased employee satisfaction, now that they can focus on the mission of the charity.




$160M (AUD) Annual Budget


2000 Employees
4000 Volunteers


Process automated to scan invoices, extract key value and create vouchers in Peoplesoft.


Automations in Production

Functions Engaged