Life at Reveal Group

Written by:
Suzanne Sorbera


Tell us your story.

I graduated from Union College, with a computer engineering degree in 2019. Although there were many routes I could have taken, I knew I didn’t want to be a Java or Python developer. I loved the problem-solving aspects, aside from the frustration of finding out your code doesn’t work for everyone. I didn’t enjoy the daunting challenge of taking ages to figure out I used a period where I needed a comma in a line of code; it wasn’t jiving with me at all.

In my senior year, I went to a career fair and stumbled upon consulting which I found very intriguing. That’s how I ended up working for a big consulting firm on their Quality Assurance team for 3 years. Over time, I realized I felt lost in a giant corporation. I also found that being the one to tell someone their code isn’t working and not having the ability to provide solutions for them was taxing. During this time, my brother, Conner, took a university boot camp, which heavily circulated RPA and similar software. He found a role at Reveal Group and only a few months after he started, he was in love with the close-knit community and RPA. He inspired me to take interest in RPA. I found a few Blue Prism and UiPath tutorials on YouTube and was hooked instantly. I loved the idea of helping people remove the monotonous tasks from their jobs to allow them to focus on the human-centric tasks that people enjoyed doing.

I feel Reveal Group consists of an astounding group of supporters who help each other succeed. Within the first few months of being here, I had teammates reach out to me telling me I did a great job on a project and I felt it come from the heart. It’s been great knowing when I log on, I feel that sense of community supporting me 100%.


What made you want to get into technology, not necessarily just RPA?

In high school, I was strong in subjects like math, science, and physics. The college I fell in love with had an engineering program. I decided to give that a try. I took a class during freshman year where we were taught about the different types of engineering we could do, and I found the coding part pretty exciting. So, I decided to go into computer engineering. I found it fascinating and thankfully I was good at it.


How has your experience with coding translated into your new role as an RPA developer? Was there anything challenging about transitioning from coding work to the RPA space?

In college, I didn’t learn specific programs like Java or Python. I was actually steered away from learning a specific application. Instead, I was encouraged to build my own program. It was more about learning the skills of coding rather than the coding programs themselves. I feel that translated well into RPA because even though it’s not a coding language, it still relies on those skills for problem-solving and understanding the logic behind automations. Learning Blue Prism and UiPath was similar to learning a new program language.


How would you describe Life at Reveal Group?

I know this sounds cheesy, but Reveal Group is such a nice community and family. It’s very welcoming, very open. My first week here, every single conversation I had with someone ended with “if you have a question, let me know and I’ll help you, or I can find somebody to help you”. It’s amazing to have people who are willing to give you support and praise for the projects you’re working on. I call my mom twice a week to say, “I love my job!”


What does it mean for you to be a woman in technology, especially in an industry that has historically been male-dominated?

It makes me feel powerful in my decisions because I’ve been at companies where there are people who don’t think that you belong there. They try to gaslight you and put you in positions where you can’t win. You have people try to take credit for your work while also asking if you know how to do your job. Being in companies like that taught me how to handle difficult situations and make me feel powerful. It also made me very grateful to find a place like Reveal Group where I never feel diminished for being a woman. I’ve never felt like I’m less than anybody else because of my gender or because of the fact that I don’t have a senior-level title. It’s been great to be at a place where my ideas are valued.

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Written by:
Suzanne Sorbera