Customer Stories

Leading International Airline

To stay ahead in the competitive airline industry, the client, a large national carrier with a global fleet, was looking for a technology-based solution that would reduce costs across various business units and maximize aircraft utilization while maintaining standards and meeting SLA requirements. Intelligent Automation became an obvious choice to achieve the client’s needs.

A formal assessment was carried out on process complexity and target systems, to select ’RPA fit’ processes within the Finance and Commercial Sales business units. Reveal Group identified and listed the benefits to be realized through automation; mapped processes end-to-end with input from operating procedures and subject-matter experts; and configured, tested, and deployed the chosen processes.


Travel + Logistics


$20B (AUD)


30,000 Employees

Reveal Group played a critical part in setting the foundation for our RPA journey. RPA enables us to stay competitive without sacrificing standards. Simple implementation has improved lead-time, accuracy and quality.

- Automation Lead



Through automation the client was able to cut down flight planning time by 50%, significantly reduce ongoing operation costs by $0.5m yearly and increase their commercial freight revenue by $1m. Machine learning also helped improve accuracy, eliminate errors, and reduce cycle time from 4 days to one day. Reveal Group mentored the internal team on multiple automation initiatives so they could #automatebetter and transform their business for the digital age.


Reduction in Flight Planning Time


Increased Revenue Growth

3 day

Reduction in Process Cycle Time


Reduction in Operating Costs

Functions Engaged