How to Implement Intelligent Automation in the Healthcare Industry using Process Intelligence

Written by:
Suzanne Sorbera

Computer Economics reported that overall, robotic process automation (RPA) rose from 13% in 2020 to 20% in 2021. One of the largest areas of growth has been within the healthcare industry, where mundane tasks are now being performed by digital workers instead of people thanks to intelligent automation (IA).


IA combines RPA with the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to provide automated services that save a company time, money, and resources. By using process intelligence, healthcare providers can uncover automation opportunities and get on the path to developing an automation program that addresses and remediates the primary pain points in healthcare.


Overcome the 4 Main Healthcare Process Challenges with Intelligent Automation


Let’s look at the events of the last few years. We’ve had a global pandemic that caused a huge shift in the way we do business. In healthcare, this led to many organizations taking on a gigantic burden trying to properly serve patients while dealing with staffing issues. Healthcare costs have risen, and regulations have tightened.


So, how do automations enabled by process intelligence improve business?


Workforce Empowerment

Intelligent automation boosts healthcare worker satisfaction and engagement, increasing empowerment by taking menial tasks off employees’ plates and ensuring that staff members have the time to focus on what they love: caring for patients.


Financial Sustainability

To provide affordable healthcare, organizations work to keep operating costs down. Intelligent automations adapt to existing resources to meet peaks in demand, introducing new billable services without the need for additional staff members.


Patient Experience

By using intelligent automation to introduce self-service channels that people have become used to in other areas of their lives, healthcare providers can significantly enhance patient experiences. Digital workers also help patients access care using self-service portals and self-check-in kiosks.


Operational Efficiency

Through intelligent automation, healthcare providers use digital workers to increase the efficiency of back-office and front-office processes, such as communication and collaboration, clinical processes, and administrative and support processes.


Finding Process Intelligence Opportunities in Healthcare

For successful Process Intelligence implementation, your organization needs to carry out a thorough review of process workflows to determine which present the best opportunities for automation.


Just automating your bad or broken healthcare and payer processes isn’t enough. You need to develop an automation strategy that aligns with your healthcare organization’s vision. Being strategic means evaluating processes to see where you have operational gaps or inefficiencies.


In conjunction with Reveal Group services, SS&C | Blue Prism® Process Intelligence provides visibility into which processes are working, which aren’t, and why. By helping healthcare providers sort through patient care and payer processes to uncover which should be automated first, Reveal Group’s methodology, paired with intelligent automation, helps organizations accelerate return on investment.


For example, Reveal Group experts can help your organization use Process Intelligence to support proactive healthcare, detecting and addressing health risk factors across various patient populations.


The Accomplishments of Process Intelligence Adoption


Healthcare is dependent on personal interaction. In the current state of healthcare, a disproportionate amount of worker time is dedicated to tasks that have little to do with patient care.


By implementing Process Intelligence, the number of administrative tasks that eat up valuable time are taken away from people, allowing for better patient service and more focus given to revenue-producing activities.


For instance, Process Intelligence can identify regulatory and compliance tasks that are prime for automation, eliminating personal error from the equation and reducing the risk of non-compliance. By coupling Process Intelligence with AI and ML tools, Process Intelligence allows your organization to enjoy advanced data mining capabilities and prediction abilities that can be applied to pre-existing conditions, treatment suggestions, patient risk factors, claim evaluation and approval, and more.


For the entire healthcare organization, gains are made in workplace efficiencies, lower labor costs, and increased revenue capture. For patients, Process Intelligence has shown to improve clinical precision, increase interaction between employees and clients, simplify claims management and resolution, and increase patient satisfaction.


Inspiring Healthcare Organizations to Automate


Process Intelligence inspires healthcare leaders to make the most of their automation opportunities, including increasing automated processes that use unstructured data, keep employees and teams connected and up to date on performance metrics, and employee cognitive reasoning for better business decisions.


Reveal Group experts, services, operational diagnostic methodologies, and RoboSuite® products accelerate the process of creating and deploying new automations so healthcare providers can realize their benefits sooner. Process Intelligence will allow you to leverage process discovery technology and uncover automation opportunities across the full breadth of your healthcare organization.


Learn how partnering with Reveal Group for Process Intelligence can streamline your healthcare organization’s business processes for better outcomes. Read our eBook Improving Patient and Provider Experience with Automation: Prescribing Digital Workers Powered by Process Intelligence to Transform the Healthcare Industry.


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Written by:
Suzanne Sorbera