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This Property Insurance client credits much of its Intelligent Automation success to the Reveal Group RoboSuite. Reveal Group was brought in upon Blue Prism’s recommendation. With digitization and cost-saving as a top priority, an Intelligent Automation COE was setup with several different automation technologies made available, increasing the scope of automatable processes. The Client’s automation team has doubled in size since the engagement, developer code remains high quality, and best practice solutions are being delivered in record time. Intelligent Automation has now been used to automate processes across several departments. As the client’s automation team has grown, it has depended on Reveal RoboSuite™ to help it scale and rapidly deliver quality solutions. The client told us: “Our customers look to us to develop cost-effective insurance and risk-financing solutions, to minimize business interruptions and financial impact if a loss does occur. One of the ways to deliver this is by keeping our costs low, and the way we are achieving this is by introducing Intelligent Automation solutions to a variety of areas across our business.” Before turning to RoboSuite, the client tried to manage its Intelligent Automation program through a series of software products, tools, and manual processes. This approach proved to be woefully inadequate for an automation program, which by nature requires tracking of opportunities and business cases, managing delivery statuses, documents and artefacts, stakeholder approvals etc, and reporting program results against targets. As the client’s program has grown, RoboSuite has helped the company handle new challenges, and capitalize on opportunities such as increasing delivery capacity to work through their robust pipeline by empowering citizen developers within each department.

“The key to ensuring our program hits its targets while maintaining the confidence of the business is by quickly deliver quality outcomes. The most effective way to guarantee this is to have a product like RoboSuite in place… it’s our secret weapon”
Intelligent Automation Program Lead

  • INDUSTRY: Corporate Insurance
  • COMPANY SIZE: 5,500 Employees



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