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Blue Prism Surface Automation Training Course

Reveal Group’s Surface Automation Training Course is included in our Practitioner Training Course, but can also be taken separately, as a two-day intensive course, providing the trainee has completed Foundation Training.

AUD $200.00


Surface Automation enables Blue Prism to control any application.

This course uses a bespoke training application and provides hands-on experience using the Blue Prism product for this specialist type of automation and will equip the trainee with the knowledge to tackle the common application elements they will encounter.


This two-day intensive course offers advanced training using application based configuration exercises and projects. The instructor-led course will upskill you in:

Identifying Applications

Identifying application elements using regions

Controlling Safely

Controlling an application safely using mouse clicks and keystrokes

Searching for Imagery

Searching for and using images on screen

Searching for Typography

Identifying fonts and reading text from screen

Course Length

10 hours of online coursework, with an expected completion time of 2 days, although access to the training environment is granted for 15 days from date of commencement

Reveal Group Support

The Reveal Group Training Academy supports and mentors you throughout the course, with all questions responded to within 24 hours

Graduation Certificate

Upon course completion, graduates will receive a personalised Training Academy Certificate

Guidance from Blue Prism

Trainees will complete this course online, in our self-paced virtual learning environment. Whether completed face-to-face or online, trainees will be supported throughout the course with guidance from Reveal Group’s team of Blue Prism Accredited Professional Developers

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AUD $200.00

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Please note:

Although this course provides a basic understanding of the software, graduates will not yet possess the requisite skills or experience to become an Accredited Developer.

Trainees will have access to the Training Environment for 3 days, starting from their requested commencement day. These dates will be confirmed via email once payment has been made.

Upon receipt of your paid order, you will be sent a form to provide additional information and qualifications to take the course. You will be contacted by the Reveal Group Training Academy, who will confirm your eligibility and enrollment in the course. Reveal Group Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to deny admittance and refund training fees at any time for any reason.


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