Workforce Management

Aligning your operational resources with demand and operational performance expectations.

Say hello to efficiency, simply.

Access to comprehensive reliable real-time data.
Appropriate metrics to measure effectiveness.
Clear operational insights to inform plans.
An easy-to-use planning interface.
A focus on collaboration and engagement.
Effective in-period control mechanisms.

Our proven approach

Using our in-built Business Services catalogue, backed by comprehensive data and business intelligence, Reveal™ provides business process owners with all the insights they need to forecast customer demand and business process efficiency – incorporating any process improvement and automation initiatives.

Operational leaders use the detailed insights to forecast supply and expected operational performance, completing the resourcing picture and enabling proactive resourcing conversations to occur between stakeholders across the organisation. Our comprehensive skills matrix informs resource coordination and training decisions, ensuring the right person is available to do the right work at the right time. With plans in place, all stakeholders use Reveal™ for detailed in-period reporting, enabling performance against agreed KPIs to be monitored and appropriate actions to be taken.

Features & Benefits

Work patterns at a glance

View the seasonal demand trends and actual vs plan for each of your Business Services

Quantify improvement opportunities

Embed automation and improvement initiatives into the operational plan to quantify opportunities

Manage employee skills

Invest where it counts, understand learning curves and monitor ongoing effectiveness

Set your operational strategy

Rolling high-level forecasts factoring in business volumes, improvement initiatives, performance trends and expected leave

Achieve short-term targets

Weekly team plans created by frontline managers to manage day-to-day delivery and performance

Coordinate resources across the organisation

Collaborate to ensure resource allocation decisions are taken with all information to hand.

How will Workforce Management transform your business?

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