Operational Excellence

Harnessing best-practice operations management practices and process improvement initiatives to meet customer expectations

Operations, transformed

A focus on customer satisfaction.
Best practice operations behaviours.
Comprehensive reliable real-time data.
Appropriate operational metrics.
A focus on engaging and developing your people.
Emphasis on ongoing operational improvement.

Our proven approach

Using seamless operational data collection tools, we work with you to define and measure your Business Services, collecting information on the most important activities your organisation performs to increase your operational IQ and identify available improvement opportunities.

A good business is greater than the sum of its parts – we promote a culture of openness and collaboration backed by hard data. Employee engagement, proactive operational planning, a focus on maximising resource effectiveness and a relentless focus on delivery underpins our strategic and tactical operations management routines.

Reveal™ provides the toolkit your operation needs to improve productivity, quality, rework and training – while highlighting opportunities to work smarter. Train your people in the areas they’re needed and observe the uplift in skills and performance.

Features & Benefits

Cloud-based accessibility

Available on any device at any time

Define what you deliver

Record the Business Services you deliver along with all related process metadata

Seamless Integration

Integrate your operational data into a common repository and use common metrics and terminology to drive shared understanding

Real-time KPIs

Detailed reporting insights for everybody in the organisation – in any format you require, whenever you require

Capacity Forecasting and Planning

Set long and short-range resourcing expectations based on anticipated customer demand, improvement initiatives and performance trends

Maximise Employee Engagement

Use self-service scorecards along with inputs for team huddles to improve employee interaction and workload visibility

How will Operational Excellence transform your business?

Case Studies

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Latest Thinking

Whitepapers and research from Reveal Group and other authorities on Operational Excellence


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