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Managed Services

Reveal Group Managed Services offer a flexible, end-to-end turnkey solution for your digital workforce. Using our continuous improvement approach, we can free you up to focus on future RPA development, instead of platform and infrastructure management.

Our Managed Services are designed with flexibility in mind. Customers can tailor the service to their organizational needs, supporting all elements implemented during the delivery phase.

Choose from a flexible suite of Managed Services packages. Each is individually tailored to integrate seamlessly with any Content Management System (CMS), the cloud, your existing IT systems and processes.


  • 24/7 service available
  • First, second-and third-line support available
  • Support for multiple vendor environments, including Blue Prism and UiPath
  • Built on proven scalable and resilient technology
  • Includes full testing through to UAT plans and scenarios
  • Can be used to supplement in-house RPA teams


  • Enables you to focus on future RPA development over support.
  • Provides a new level of assurance to the organisation.
  • Allows you to grow RPA without the people overhead.
  • Can be scaled as the organisation grows.
  • Ensures that all future projects will be supported post-project.
  • Unifies the way RPA is supported across the organisation.

As Intelligent Automation programs scale, they extend to incorporate new, emerging and maturing technologies. Reveal Group’s managed service offerings allow clients to achieve this with ease.

Deployment Support

Deployment Support allows organizations to ensure they are fully supported post-project delivery with a comprehensive range of services.

You may want support 24/7, during office hours or just now and then. Tell us what you need and we’ll design a package that suits you:


Unlimited support, troubleshooting and fault resolution.


Continual monitoring to maintain and enhance reliability, We investigate and resolve issues, apply updates and deploy patches to make processes more robust.

Ad Hoc

We’ll put aside an agreed number of hours each month to ensure all processes run smoothly. Ask us, and we’ll apply updates and enhancements.


Continuous monitoring to investigate defects, report agreed triggers and provide resolutions to ensure your RPA processes operate at peak efficiency.

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