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Our partnerships with key ‘best in breed’ technology providers allows Reveal Group to provide the most sophisticated Intelligent Automation solutions available

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Integrations with leading providers allow our solutions to use Machine Learning (ML) enabled computer vision, engage in image perception, and understand image data and documents.

Machine Learning + Cognitive AI Technologies

Reveal Group leverages partnerships so clients can adopt cloud-based machine learning and decision making. Integrations with NLP/NLU platforms identify trends and patterns in communications to isolate issues and seamlessly turn communications into actions that can be assigned to the right person or system.

Analytics Platforms

Gain visibility into your data through data integration, cleansing, blending, enrichment and discovery. These tools are robust systems that access and decipher company data through custom queries. The unique business challenges that many of us face mean that leveraging data-driven efficiency and growth strategies are more important than ever.

Natural Language Understanding with Chatbots + Virtual Agents

Intelligent chatbots can interact with customers in real-time to resolve issues, conduct transactions, and answer questions. Intelligent chatbots can also predict customer intentions and offer specific help when they detect that a customer may need assistance.

Intelligent Business Process Management System (iBPMS)

Our solutions utilize the same workflow logic as co-workers and can collaborate with customers by using dynamic interfaces and IVR. iBPMS combines business process management (BPM) with artificial intelligence (AI) to link people, machines, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure both support and intelligence for repeatable, organization-specific processes.

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