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Reveal Group’s Blueprint for Scale allows our clients to lay the foundations for a best practice intelligent automation program, using five key pillars


What is it

Blueprint for Scale is the proven operating model we have used to implement Intelligent Automation at over 150 clients. It is our blueprint for building a best practice automation program at scale. It is the reason we are the most certified Intelligent Automation service company and why our clients achieve and sustain the results they do.


Components of the Blueprint for Scale

  • Defines the Enterprise Vision & Strategy for Intelligent Automation while detailing the Program Governance framework to make it happen.
  • Details the Organization & People requirements for building an Automation Program and the Capability & Training required to support it.
  • Ensures that embedded templates and policies conform to existing Change Management methodologies.
  • Defines a scalable, low maintenance Technical Infrastructure to support automated solutions.
  • Outlines the frameworks for Platform Management and Application Management to ensure the smooth day-to-day operations.
  • Defines the Intake Approach to optimize the number of opportunities feeding into the automation pipeline.
  • Outlines the Opportunity Assessment procedure to ensure the right processes are being automated while maximizing the associated business benefit.
  • Ensures that automations run as a part of Business as Usual including scheduling, referrals back to the business teams, and triage of issues through the Support Model.
  • Defines the process for Permissions & Credential Management to ensure automations conform with all security and control requirements.
  • Outlines the Delivery Methodology including project plans, document templates, and stage-gate criteria while leveraging existing change management methodologies.
  • Defines the Technical Best Practice for automation delivery to ensure all automations are consistently built to industry best practice.
  • Ensures that the Testing Approach is rigorous while delivering consistent outputs that are in line with stakeholder expectations.


BfS Capability Components

Vision & Strategy

Vision & Strategy is critical to defining the overarching goals and objectives for the automation program. It facilitates a consistent message for the automation program’s purpose throughout the organization.

Program Governance

Program Governance is the means by which decisions are made and updates are communicated throughout the automation program and the larger organization.

Capability & Training

Capability and Training is the means by which individuals assigned to roles in the organization are trained to perform their function and grow within the program.

Change Management

Organizational Change Management covers the approaches to prepare, support, and help business teams with the change brought about by intelligent process automation technologies.

Organization & People

Organization and People are the key roles and responsibilities within the automation program.

Key Resources

  • Executive Sponsor
  • Automation Leadership
  • CoE Team

Key Artifacts

  • Automation Vision and CoE charter
  • Governance & Benefit Realization Framework
  • Automation Org Chart with required Roles and Responsibilities
  • Onboarding & Training Plans

Program Healthchecks

Program Healthchecks are your team’s chance to take an honest look in the mirror.

We will assess your automation program against the Blueprint for Scale attributes in three phases, typically completed within one week.

At the end of your Program Healthcheck, you’ll identify strengths to exploit as well as challenge areas to grow. The assessment provides scoring, benchmarking, key findings, and prioritized actions for each.

Reveal Group has worked with 100+ Intelligent Automation clients to build an industry leading benchmarking capability to showcase how you compare against peers.

Training Academy

A successful Intelligent Automation program is a self-sustainable one.
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We embed lasting capability within your team through our accredited training courses and our proven capability to build internal knowledge and skills through our highly skilled team of Certified Developers.


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