Implement a framework to Discover automation opportunities and build a plentiful pipeline.

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Process discovery is the cornerstone of every successful automation program.

Selecting the right processes to automate is the most important decision you will make in the implementation of your automation technology solution.
Organizations want to reap the benefits of automation, but often struggle to know where to start, or how to realize the desired ROI. Even the best technology will fail to deliver if not deployed on suitable processes. Not finding the right processes, using the right technology or business functions can cause the program to stall.

Reveal Group’s Discover approach leaves no stone unturned.

With over six years delivering Intelligent Automation across 25+ industries, Reveal Group has perfected the approach to pipeline generation, helping you avoid common pitfalls and preparing you for success.

01. Automation Heatmap

Your first critical component to ensure a continuous pipeline of automation opportunities.
Creating an Automation Heatmap quickly shines a light on potential high impact areas throughout your organization, directing downstream pipeline generation efforts appropriately.

02. Operational Diagnostic

Our Operational Diagnostic approach allows all Intelligent Automation opportunities to be quickly identified, scoped, and prioritized. An experienced team of Reveal Group Consultants take a rigorous approach to identify all automation candidates within your organization.

Operational Diagnostics


  • Process mining performed on selected business areas
  • Exhaustive list of business processes generated and considered for automation based on value and ease of automation


Our Operational Diagnostic process

High-value opportunities identified and prioritized

03. Process Mining

Process Mining incorporates Big Data and Machine Learning techniques to provide unquestionable visibility of process performance and is coined as the next generation of Process Intelligence

Process mining software uses an algorithm to analyze these digital footprints and create an evidence based process flow and many more valuable insights.

04. Reveal RoboManager

Our automation acceleration tools are specifically designed to help clients implement a best practices RPA program. Complete transparency at each stage of the Automation Lifecycle is available in Reveal RoboManager.

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