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Delivery of automated processes is your programs
engine room and we are your master mechanics.

Automation Delivery

Defining and implementing your RPA delivery methodology is typically the first step for an organization on their automation journey so it is critical to get it right.


With 150+ automation deliveries under our belt, we have the tools and experience to drive your intelligent automation program every step of the way.

Successful automation sprints follow our standard Delivery Methodology, involving five stages and typically taking 6-10 weeks.

Mentored Delivery

“Using RoboDesigner helped us reduce our average delivery wave from 10 weeks to 7 weeks. We’re confident our automation components are high-quality and reusable, too.”

– Design Authority Lead, Mid-Sized US-Based Insurance Company

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Delivery teams

Key Features

  • Your employees are trained and mentored through every step of their first automation delivery by an experienced Reveal Group practitioner
  • Reveal Group modelers supplement delivery by delivering select process automations
  • Reveal Group will support the capable your modelers that were mentored in the first sprint
  • A new round of your employees will be trained and mentored
  • Reveal Group modeler supplements delivery
  • Entire delivery team stucture is now staffed with your modelers with guidance and support from a Reveal Group Delivery Lead

Design Authority +
Quality Assurance

Design Authority and Quality Assurance plays a crucial oversight role in RPA programs of all sizes. Reveal Group’s Deliver service provides crucial assurance that the end-to-end solution is the right fit for your business. We provide governance to your project to ensure that it will deliver transformational business changes, using industry standards and best practices, and ensure an operational solution is delivered adding value.

Our automation acceleration tools are specifically designed to help clients implement all of these RPA best practices at every stage of Delivery.

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