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One Bundle. One Price. Two Great Products.

We’ve combined the power of RoboDesigner and RoboReview into a single, unified offering.
It’s easy to set up, easy to use and it’s priced for companies of all sizes to benefit.

And now, you can trial them for FREE.

Helpful for beginners

Say goodbye to needing time with a Delivery Lead and simply upload your code package to have it RoboReview’ed for fast, insightful feedback!

Actionable feedback

We don’t just tell you where your configuration can be improved, our build review checklists give you all the details you need to act.

Powerful for professionals

Delivery leads no longer have to review each process click by tedious click, freeing them to focus on what matters.


Convenience is king. Developers are empowered to have their code reviewed on-demand, as often as they like.

Create automation components, automatically

Upload your design documents and let RoboDesigner generate your new objects from scratch.

Save time and dollars

RoboDesigner speeds up delivery while reducing effort by ~30%. By applying best practices it eliminates rework dramatically reduces support costs.

Seamless Blue Prism best practice

We use the latest best practice component templates so you can rest easy knowing your configuration will be consistently built, first time, every time.

Need help choosing the right plan?

Our Customer Success team provides Onboarding Services. Our tailored guidance, phone support, and training ensure you get the most out of your RoboDesigner and RoboReview bundle. You’ll achieve your automation program goals with an Onboarding Services program completely suited to your needs.

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